Private Groups


Want to be the host or hostess without the stress and mess in your house?  

Sit back with your guests and enjoy the evening too!  What a great night out!

Create a unique dining experience in our spacious classroom. Choose from a wide variety of topics, from hands-on to demonstration classes. The classroom offers a nice quiet setting to enjoy with the company of your guests.

With a minimum of 15 people (maximum 50 people), get involved with the menu. Create your fabulous menu yourself! Your all inclusive price (varies depending on dishes selected), includes one knowledgeable instructor, easy to follow printed recipes, preparation of the entire meal, beverages and fully dressed tables at which to enjoy your hard work. A fun and simple way to get your friends and family involved with their food and each other.

Please contact Dan, 1-800-391-2665,
to check available dates and time.

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Let us provide the "entertainment" for your child's next party.  The kids will have a unique, fun experience and learn at the same time!  Choose one themed food topic* from our extensive list.

The Kitchen Shoppe provides: use of the cooking school and facilities, an instructor to provide training, staff to help with clean-up and running of the class, aprons (for class use only), recipes, food tastes/samples that correspond with chosen topic, hands-on experience with the instructor and the recipe.

The Customer provides: themed decorations, cake and beverages.

Class Length: 2 hours (1 hour for hands-on instruction; 1 hour for party)

Cost: $35 per student (15 person minimum; 32 person maximum).

*If a second topic is added, there will be an additional charge per person.

Are you looking for a place to hold your next meeting?  If our class schedule permits, you can hold it here between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Rental fee:     $300 for up to 4 hours
                         $500 for 4 - 8 hours

Fee includes the use of our professional kitchen and all equipment and assumes it will be returned to its original condition.

Need a great gift for your favorite foodie? Are you a restaurant chef looking to expand your knowledge or your employees, on a particular food topic?

The Kitchen Shoppe offers one-on-one private cooking lessons with our Cooking School Director. A great gift for someone who loves to cook, and has everything, but wants more concentrated knowledge on a specific topic.

Choose your date, time and topic. Your inclusive cost ($100.00 per person, per hour), will include all food needed for the lesson, hands-on technique by the student and recipes or research on the specific topic. The Cooking School Director will provide hints, tips, and guidance to help you create and learn more about food.

Please contact  Dan, 1-800-391-2665, to schedule times and topics.


    • For corporations and business who would like to instill a sense of "team work" we challenge your employees to work in small groups to accomplish a large task. 
    • Working in teams, the students are given a recipe to prepare from start to finish
    • When each team has completed their task, a pre-selected full six-course meal awaits!
    • A few preliminary instructions are given by the instructor and then it is your turn to have fun!
    • Kitchen Shoppe employees will be standing by to answer questions, help with techniques, clean up and set tables so you can enjoy your meal in a festive atmosphere.
    • Each team will be asked to give a short synopsis of how they put their recipe together, what ingredients they used and how they rose to the challenge of completing their dishes.
    • Enjoy with co-workers and friends, to focus on a relaxing evening of camaraderie and fun!